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Click on the memorials below to see the tributes made in loving memory of the pets who are no longer with us and are greatly missed by our clients...

Felix the Cat

Felix - Loved by Romany Sky Crickmore

Cat - aged 3

Passed 28/01/2018

Cory the Dog

Cory - Loved by Kitty Aldridge

Dog - aged 12

Passed 16/02/2018

Jambo the Bearded dragon

Jambo - Loved by Rebecca Karklina

Bearded dragon - aged 5

Passed 19/02/2018

Benny the Dog

Benny - Loved by carol anne lapsley

Dog - aged 11

Passed 16/02/2018

Dillon the Cat

Dillon - Loved by Lisa Powell

Cat - aged 18

Passed 08/02/2018

Stella the Cat

Stella - Loved by Maria A Lindsey

Cat - aged 10

Passed 14/01/2018

Dancer aka FatFace the Cat

Dancer aka FatFace - Loved by Sara J Buckingham

Cat - aged 15

Passed 04/01/2018

Chloe the Dog

Chloe - Loved by Vittoria Romeo

Dog - aged 11

Passed 25/12/2017

Franklin the Cat

Franklin - Loved by jenny m Lawrence

Cat - aged 12

Passed 30/12/2017

Eddie mac the Dog

Eddie mac - Loved by Tia Amina

Dog - aged 7

Passed 05/01/2018

Franklin the Cat

Franklin - Loved by Sophie A Lawrence

Cat - aged 12

Passed 30/12/2017

Pilchard the Cat

Pilchard - Loved by Glenda M Pratt

Cat - aged 16

Passed 12/01/2018

  • We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful care you provided for Sasha. Because of your warm welcome, the day wasn’t a sad one but one filled with joy and smiles. Sasha had the best in life and the best at the end.

  • Just wanting to say a huge thank you to you all for being able to pick up my baby boy Milo and for him to have his final resting place with my other dogs. Loved them all and all of them should be free together. Thank you so much.

  • I want to say thank you for your services and how personal and individualised it felt to have Nerys home in a beautiful urn, with a personal certification and expression of condolence to us.

  • I just wanted to thank you all for such an exemplary service you gave to myself and my family today. You all looked after Alfie so beautifully, and at such a hard time for us, this really gave us comfort and peace.