Why choose a Gold Leaf Individual Cremation Service?


Your Pet. Your Pet's Cremation.

The comparison table below has been put together to help you understand the difference between the level of service that you would receive if you contacted us directly for Gold Leaf Individual Cremation Service and the typical individual cremation service that you may expect to receive from a veterinary practice.

If you would like to arrange your pet's cremation please telephone us on 01932 868847. We are here to support and help you. Alternatively, please read the steps involved in making the arrangements with us.



Our Gold Leaf Individual Cremation Service
rovided directly by us

Individual Cremation Service provided by vets

Individual Cremation Service

Individual cremation carried out in accordance with our Pet Cremation with Confidence Standards

Some pet crematoriums work to recognised standards and this should be published on the website, but not all do. It is advisable to request full details of the pet crematorium’s standard of practice from your vet for peace of mind


You will receive a priority service with your pet being collected usually on the same working day for individual cremation


You can have the ashes back on the day of cremation if you choose to say goodbye at the crematorium

Pet crematoriums generally make weekly collections from veterinary practices


No matter where you live, be it locally or further afield, we are committed to providing you with a personal and responsive service

Your vet may be using the services of a pet crematorium based some way away from where you live. Your pet may be collected and transported for some distance to the crematorium


Personal collection of your pet from your home or vet in a dedicated Gold Leaf vehicle at a mutually agreed time

Your pet may be collected and transported along with other deceased pets collected from your own and other veterinary practices


Your pet is personally handled with respect and dignity. Your pet will only normally be placed into our mortuary if being held overnight pending cremation

Pets are normally held in cold storage at a veterinary practice pending collection by the pet crematorium

Saying Goodbye at the Crematorium

You can arrange to attend the crematorium to say your final goodbye at our Chapel of Rest (by prior appointment). If you choose to attend your pet’s cremation you will normally be able take the ashes of your pet home with you on the same day, if you wish to

The option of saying goodbye to your pet at the crematorium is not normally offered by veterinary practices unless specifically asked for

Return of Ashes

Unless you have elected to attend your pets cremation, your pet’s ashes will be returned to you in person within three working days from receipt of your pet

You are normally able to collect your pets ashes from your vet somewhere between eight and fifteen days after euthanasia, depending on the arrangement your vet has with their pet crematorium

Tailored Service

Our staff are trained and experienced pet cremation professionals. They will listen to you and understand your wishes before tailoring the service to meet your needs

Your veterinary practice may only offer you limited options; the staff at your practice are not pet cremation professionals and may not be aware of the options available to you


Our staff are trained and experienced pet cremation professionals. You can have as much or as little contact with us as you wish, before, during and after the cremation

An increasing number of veterinary practices now have a trained bereavement advisor within their team. However the availability of someone to speak to you in private can be limited due to other work pressures


Tailored and itemised pricing according to your needs

Can sometimes be a higher all-inclusive fee and may include an administrative element to cover the costs for acting on your behalf, for providing storage and for arranging collection


Wide range of options to suit all tastes, budgets and requirements

The selection of caskets and urns offered to you may be limited, in some cases to just one or two receptacles


If you are making the arrangements for your pet's farewell via your veterinary practice, we recommend that you read our webpage on ‘Should I let my vet make the arrangements?'