Smart choices for your pet’s cremation

Making decisions about your pet’s final farewell should be based on adequate information and understanding on what will happen after your pet passes. Our principles support informed decision making, which is why we believe:

  • No pet owner should have the decision made for them
  • Pet owners should not be pressured into a decision when in distress
  • Services offered should not be restricted to those that are common place
  • Professional advice shouldn’t be based on personal judgement or preconceptions
  • Recommendations should not be made on predeterminations such as pet insurance cover
Smart choices for your pet’s cremation

Things to remember

  • Speak directly with the pet crematorium for professional and personal advice
  • Do not assume your local vet uses the services of your local pet crematorium
  • If your vet is acting on your behalf, be sure to request the services of Silvermere Haven Pet Cemetery and Crematorium
  • Ask your vet or the pet crematorium for a copy of their written standards for quality assurance
  • If possible visit the pet crematorium in advance and inspect them yourself 

Cremation Checklist

Download our simple checklist of things you may wish to consider when arranging your pet’s farewell.

If you need any information to make an informed decision, guidance or would like to make the arrangements for your pet's cremation contact Silvermere Haven Pet Cemetery and Crematorium.


Download Crematorium Checklist